Asphalt Patching

There are a wealth of reasons that a paved asphalt system, such as those that support parking lots, roads, or driveways, can incur the need for an implementation of a professional regiment/process of asphalt patching. However, they can more-or-less be categorized or quite literally broken down into four main causes/culprits: weather, heavy & consistent traffic, general wear & tear, as well as subpar installation/paving to begin with. While the first three are largely unavoidable with most asphalt paving systems and will eventual need addressing (usually in the form of [re]paving or patching efforts), the latter (inadequate installation of asphalt during the initial paving stage) is one factor that can be eliminated with the proper asphalt contractor being locally available to affect quality services (us here at Mr. B's Sealcoating LLC, of course).

Addressing Safety Concerns

We’ve discovered in our storied tenure as one of the area’s premier asphalt & sealcoating contractors, nothing can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s suspension more than pot-holed, dilapidated, or deteriorated byways for travel. Be it a road, street, parking lot, highway, or a driveway; no particular aspect of an asphalt/sealcoating avenue for travel is immune to the effects of time and traffic nor are they exempt from being a leading cause of severe vehicular damage or breaches in a vehicle’s suspension system. Furthermore, one often overlooked aspect of having a well-maintained asphalt paving system is the diminished likelihood of flattened tires or worse; such as mishaps, injuries, accidents to the pedestrians, or foot traffic, of a given property.

A Property Needs A Blacktop; Not A Black Eye

Also worth noting is the added unsightliness of a parking lot, roadway, or thoroughfare that has been neglected and subsequently blighted with patches missing from the lot or severely cracked/fissured sections that need circumventing. Few patrons, travelers, or customers (if any) will naturally gravitate towards such an area if it appears that a 4WD, all-terrain vehicle is the recommended mode of travel to safely navigate from point A to point B. (Usually point A being the entrance to the rugged terrain of an asphalt parking lot and point B being the designated area for parking, loading, or loitering.) Enlisting the services of an experienced asphalt paving contractor to rectify any asphalt patching issues is a sure-fire method of redress or correction to the asphalt problems plaguing the property.

Pros V.S. Who-Knows

When one considers the many downfalls and potential financial setbacks of having an under-managed/maintained parking lot or avenue of travel, it’s easy to appreciate the necessity of having a local asphalt paving/sealcoating contractor of both experience and repute on-hand to perform repairs, replacements, and patching services. It’s also prudent to remember that similar to how each property and its corresponding asphalt is innately unique and different; not every asphalt paving & patching contractor or sealcoating service provider is the same as their local counterparts. Which is why it’s important to entrust the soundness and quality of your asphalt-based services to a company that has a proven track record of successfully managed asphalt-related projects.

How We Can Help

Having been one of the premier providers of quality, longevity-driven asphalt paving and sealcoating services for the better part of 10 years has afforded us, as a company, many opportunities to have a positive impact in the lives of our customers and clients alike. One noteworthy way we are improving and/or maintaining the quality of life in our local communities is by offering a cost-effective, viable alternative to local property owners who are experiencing middling-to-severe damage to their property’s asphalt paving, such as parking lots and parking garages. Instead of assuming the (sometimes) hefty financial burden of commissioning a local asphalt/sealcoating contractor to complete (re)pave or seal the entirety of your property, we are able to affect area-specific asphalt patching seamlessly, affordably, and always in a timely manner.

We emphasize quality and consistency in every asphalt patching service we are responsible for administering; regardless if we are tasked with patching a smattering of problematic areas surrounding a local business’ parking lot. Conversely, if we are commissioned for an asphalt patching & (re)paving contract that is much more robust and ambitious that features entire roads and outlets in need of patching & (re)paving, you can, with confidence, count on our decades of asphalt paving & patching expertise.



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